Aquaviva is an ISO9001 certified company authorized by the Italian Ministry of Health

The purpose of the certification is to develop, implement and improve the efficiency of the quality management system, in order to increase the satisfaction of all our customers.

All Aquaviva personnel are involved in the Quality Policy and every company process is constantly monitored.

– obtaining full customer satisfaction

– improvement of management results

– achievement of better levels of competitiveness on the market

– constant and continuous improvement of product quality and quality system

The selection of our suppliers and therefore the continuous control over the quality of raw materials and packaging is decisive for the quality system.

The contribution from our Customers is of fundamental importance for achieving the quality objectives, since any reason for dissatisfaction on the part of one of our Customers is analyzed by the Company Management, in order to find and eliminate the causes.

This phase is focal for the continuous improvement of the quality system, because it becomes a new starting point on which to set up a quality system as compatible as possible to the needs of our Customers.